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Generic Viagra: Biggest Success for Men

Generic Viagra entry in men life signified turning point in their lives. All sufferings of men went away in little time after the coming of this drug in men universe. The drug was made for treating erectile dysfunction problem of men. These sexual problems that enter in men life unexpectedly blot their image on bed in front of their female partners. Impotence problem makes penis incapable of completing the sexual activity. Dissatisfaction in intimacy for men is a biggest thing. To eliminate this problem from men life Generic Viagra was invented.

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Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra may be just a word for some but for impotent men it is their lifeline. This is a treatment for men impotency. It has appeared in the form of drug. The drug is not a brand but a generic counterpart of brand Viagra. This generic drug is just like its brand. For maintaining a slight difference between brand and generic Viagra their appearance is made different. One more thing also works like a line of demarcation between the two and it is their prices. Brand Viagra manufacturers have spent a lot on its creation so to cover them up the prices are kept very high. But generic producers of Viagra enjoyed saving money on marketing, advertising and researching on a drug, so prices of ED major generic drug are very cheap.

This generic version of Viagra is sold at just one third the price of its brand. Generic Viagra or call it Sildenafil Citrate, is one of the same thing. It’s because Sildenafil is the major element Generic Viagra is made of. This component is the same of which brand Viagra is also made of. This rocking impotence drug is a prescribed formula for erectile dysfunction. But, as per medical considerations Generic Viagra should be engulfed on medical advice in general. The drug provides right treatment when taken after a thorough physical examination. The three compositions of the drug are 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. The last one is most powerful and outcome achieved after taking it is fantastic. But under normal conditions physicians prescribed 50mg Generic Viagra to impotence patients.

Generic Viagra intake process is very easy and does not ask for strong efforts. Take the tab in hand and swallow it. Use water for swallowing. Wait for minimal one hour and at max two to three hours for results. If taken the tab on light stomach results can appear in minimum 45 minutes too. While, if taken the pill on heavy stomach it may take hours too. Till today Generic Viagra has furnished erection to 98% men. So take it with positive attitude and surely results will come out. Proper condition of the drug also aids in providing results on time. The drug can be maintained nicely by keeping in room temperature always. Another important thing is storing it in a gas-tight container. On precautionary side, health patients should definitely discuss with their doctor their medical history and then take the drug.

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